Filling and capping machine with extraction hood

  • Functions: 

    · Automatic filling, extraction hood;

    ·Constant pressure protection for keeing same material level in temporary stocking tank;

    ·Digital input to set weight and 10 recipes can be saved;

    ·With working status indicator and clock display;

    ·Tare inspection triggers all-position barrel putting and filling operation;

    ·GW/NW (barrel tared automatically) two filling modes;

    ·Automatic zero position tracking, barrel quantity accumulation and weight accumulation;

    ·Automatic weight error correcting;

    ·Automatic clear to zero after start-up and there is power-off protection device;

    ·Protection device against emergency stop;

    ·Factory default setting can be restored in case of misoperation;

    ·Fault detecting function makes maintenance easier;

    ·Easy moving, explosion-proof configuration and simple operation.


    DCS30GY-FB-L Filling machine with extraction hood is a model designed according to customer’s requirement. It has powerful functions with accurate filling and beautiful appearance. It is also easy to clean and the filling outlet is adjustable in height and horinontal position which can move from front to back and from left to right. It fits filling round, square and oblate barrels with the mouth at various diameters. There are such other functions as automatic weight deviation alarming and automatic counting. Two-speed filling is “fast & accurate” and performs good stability. The flexible filling mode can effectively improve filling speed, reduce wastage, save cost, and alleviate worker’ s work pressure. It can be assembled with automatic capping unit to make up one production line.

    Technical indicators:

    Weighing range

    ≤30 kg

    Barrel specification


    Graduation value


    Power supply

    Ac220∨±10% 50HZ

    Accuracy level

    X (0.5)   

    Air source


    Filling speed

    4-8 barrels/min